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There is absolutely no joy in this site save for the fact you have chosen to study the

information within it. I use the term 'joy' in the fact such information must be seen in

order we can carry the energy we need to stop this ancient and evil behaviour. The

problem we face is the fact this behaviour is endemic within what society calls the upper

echelons of our world, I call them the underworld, for they exist only to destroy what we

know to be balanced existence. The reasons for such behaviour are difficult to understand because the knowledge one needs to understand, is vast, and has been hidden by the same elites in order they can rule. One thing we of sound spirit do understand is this behaviour is unacceptable, grotesque, and in many cases, the reason we have so many broken people in our world.

I have studied many case files of such behaviour coming out of the psychiatric community and the one thing that goes hand in hand with the institutionalised aspect to paedophilia is satanism. Now I know many of you will scoff at the idea of satanic involvement because many know people who have suffered abuse, and know the perpetrator to be unconnected to satanic groups, in such cases the perpetrators are themselves victims of the said satanic groups without knowing this themselves. The problem for many is to accept how big these satanic groups are, and the heights from which they are controlled. So we must look at from where such behaviour emanates.


This takes us back to Egypt and the Royal Phaoronic dynasties who carried out incest as the norm, but things are not as clear cut as this because Egypt herself was overrun by the real root of this behaviour, the preistcraft of the Sumer - Akkadian elite who are the preistcraft come fourth from their bases on Mars and indeed the Moon from the civilisation we call Atlantis.

What the hell is this guy on about? Well... as is today the elite are doing all they can to re-colonise Mars and the Moon, they are recreating the same technological advancement as they had pre - deluge, of course I am speaking of the elite bloodline families here who control all we call civilisation, and the technology therein. So we have the ability to travel in space today, they had a far greater technological civilisation pre deluge; the scriptures speak of this albeit in symbolism. In fact I would go as far to say that since the Anunnaki took over Atlantis from Lemuria, the same bloodlines have controlled man's pineal gland and thus his whole conscious existence, unbroken save for the work of St George who managed to route the serpent cult of Queen El (Queen of the Elohim), sending this predator race underground, unbroken right up to today.


We are all aware of the stories of Gods breeding with human women and the offspring were so big they had to be cut from the bellies of the human women; the offspring from these unions were thus named the Nefilim, Awwim etc. Those we are talking about here are the very root of all this behaviour because they have no other impulse than to usurp the balance in this world or to destroy the balanced means to existence as laid down by the creator race known as the ancients, so this behaviour goes way back some 418-450.000 years according to the clay tablets found in Iraq during the 20th century. Without going into too much detail here, this tribe of evil first inflicted their ways of blood sacrifice onto the African tribes moving into the pacific landmass known as Lemuria or MU, and onto Atlantis. The elite of this race of Gods left the Earth as the cataclysms ensued and made home on their bases on Mars and the Moon, and returned as the Earth settled down after these colossal events and spread the surviving peoples across the globe giving  72 differing languages and religious beliefs to each grouping of people to create division. This event is recorded in the Bible as the Tower of Babel.


So the root of this behaviour comes not from the human, it comes from these usurpers who inflict this upon man for their own ends, and to usurp the work of the ancient ones. So in studying this information I would ask you fully understand we need the mindset; “forgive the man but never the demon”, and we can find a way to remove this sickness from our societies, because so much of what we call our culture, is nothing other than a system to ensure those elites have access to our children to do their despicable acts.

Worse….is the real truth of the matter, and how ‘A’ deception played upon mankind the second we register our children, actually makes it a legal not by any means lawful, as the punishment dished out by the corporation to whom we have registered the children with, because each nation is nothing other than a corporation, and the registering of our children makes them an asset of that corporation. And of course all corporations are in the game of making money, and as the Western nations declared bankruptcy in 1930, 'we the people' became the collateral on which the banking elite, the royal families, would agree to lend fiat money to each country that declared bankruptcy. So the game as played since the installation of the central banks during the 17th century, and their paper credit notes…have been leading to what is termed the New World Order, under which all those collateral assets..’ we the people’, are to be totally and completely at the mercy of these sick sick people.


So why is it essential we study such information? Well, this behaviour has been going on since the great empire of Sumer, famous for Babylon, Nimrod, and perhaps not so well known the Talmud. Here we go…he is attacking the Jews?? Let us be if anything, balanced and open minded if we are to make any sense out of this whole nonsense. The Talmud is the doctrine, in part, from the purest of all Satanic doctrines, the Sumer – Akkadian mystery school, which when one digs deep enough heralds from beyond the deluge to the time known as Atlantis.

Such information is important in understanding why all this behaviour is more prevalent at the top of society, and thus protected by same.


The whole structure of the New World Order is to create the means by which the elite can gain access to children from all avenues, without any fuss whatever, so it is essential one fully understands how entwined this behaviour is to the higher levels of our world. Through the education privatisation agenda, they are creating these networks, the same with all the wars we have witnessed since the last Great War, always these networks are expanded as nations are rebuilt after great trauma, as is the case for the trafficking of humans, narcotics, minerals and human organs. Kosovo is the prime example of such a move by NATO which has created an underworld capitol for the elite networks to service the whole of Europe, for people trafficking, (under the adoption bonanza being promoted by very suspect top ranking celebrities), opium from Afghanistan, and all the former Soviet Union’s underworld operatives to use as a halfway house between Iraq, Afghanistan and Europe and the UK, the sale of organs is already taking hold in Iraq as I write. So it really is imperative we fully understand the whole nature of this behaviour to understand the New World Order.

When it comes to Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, the current French Minister had a great role to play during the conflicts in ensuring these networks were formulated to be ready for when NATO would usurp the nation and claim ‘independence’ for the same, he also has some very dubious connections to Paedophiles and organ trafficking again from the Yugoslavian conflict.


Kouchner was Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Interim Administration in Kosovo (UNMIK) 

Founder, organiser, and President of Medecins sans Frontieres, Dr. Kouchner was France's Minister of Health until picked by Secretary-General Kofi Annan as his Special Representative for Kosovo.

In the humanitarian field, Dr. Kouchner founded Medecins sans Frontieres, a Paris-based non-profit humanitarian organisation made up of voluntary medical personnel who contribute their time and expertise in assisting in situations of emergency or inadequate medical care in the developing world. In that capacity he travelled extensively in all the troubled areas of the world. He organised humanitarian operations to Somalia, El Salvador, Lebanon, and Viet Nam. In addition to those countries, his humanitarian assignments took him to Cambodia, Thailand, Uruguay, Peru, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Dr. Kouchner has played an important role on the French political scene for the past 20 years, holding a number of ministerial positions in different French Governments. Most recently  serving as France's Minister of Health, and before that as Minister of State for Humanitarian Action (1988-1991) and Minister of State for Social Integration (1988).

Dr. Kouchner is the author of several books, and co-founder of the news magazines "L' Evenement" and "Actuel". He is the recipient of several human rights awards, including the Dag Hammarskjold Prize and the Prix Europa.

A medical doctor by profession, Dr. Kouchner was born in 1939 in Avignon. He is the father of four children.

So as you can see we have big named players exposed in this whole sorry saga, but it gets much worse than that, and very much higher in relation to people exposed as paedophiles.

I have mentioned the Babylon connection because we have to understand why these people do what they do, for the answer we have to fully understand the Talmud but more importantly to understand the Talmud is not a Jewish doctrine it is a Satanic doctrine, carried forth into modern day Judaism not by the peoples from the Bible, but from a race of people who have their root in Sumer who finally built an empire around the Stepps of Russia known as Khazaria, and hence the peoples of that race became known as the Khazars. The Khazars are best known, although they have been erased from history from the times of the Carolingian Charles Martel and his grandson Charlemagne, when the Khazars fought against the Moslems, were victorious, and saved Europe from invasion. This then created another problem for the Khazars in that they were vulnerable from absorption by either the Christian’s or the Moslems, to counteract this King Bulan the Khazar King in 739-40 decreed the whole empire convert to Judaism, this they did but with a difference…the Khazars were blood rite pagans who sacrificed children and humans in general, and so the Babylonian Talmud and the Jews of today have become synonymous.


But there is yet more to be known in relation to the influence of the Khazar race which takes us back to Attila the Hun, heralded to be the hero of his people which could well said to have prophesied correctly, because the Roman bloodlines ensured they took his seed when he was a guest in the court of the scheming empress and her general, and with no further use for him he was slain. This is the bloodline of the elite of the Zionist’s yet controlled by the Roman Imperial bloodlines. The Khazar race are a mix of the Hun and the Magyar, and with the events surrounding Attila, it is pretty clear why the Khazars fought to protect their blood kin, the Imperial Roman bloodlines against the Moslems…the bloodlines controlled the Khazar race.


So the actual beginnings to what is said to be a Jewish doctrine the Talmud, goes way beyond even the Khazars, which it would, given the elite bloodlines of Rome can be traced back to Troy and again to Babylon. So away with any thoughts we are laying siege to Judaism, we are making a study of a terrible affliction, paedophilia, an affliction perhaps, but for some it is a way of life. Even more disturbing these people have centred a whole social world in its structure to accommodate this very behavior, and as we have seen time and time again over the years since the 1960’s, this behavior is rife with all organisations who promote their care for children, all the while doing exactly the opposite, feeding the elite, Jersy a prime example.


So to introduce the reasoning for this site, it is important we all fully understand that for many people in this world, paedophilia, incest, ritual abuse and murder of children and adults, is based in a strict satanic doctrine going way back into the history of man, a doctrine that has entwined itself around all cultures, all peoples since the time of the deluge, and what the New World Order is…it is the attempted completion of the Temple of Lucifer for which all such atrocities are carried forth. Given the point in time we exist within, it is imperative you all fully understand what it is these worshippers of Lucifer actually believe, more to the point what their plans are for the rest of us who do not feel such behaviour is balanced or desirable, because the simple truth is they see us as cattle, as pigs. To the fascist mind, we who do not see their behaviour as ‘grand’, even noble, are inferior without question. If nothing else this sort of puts things into perspective, there are far more minds in disgust to paedophilia, than there are those who believe it to be balanced. If it were not so they would not require all the secrecy.

The New World order is to force all this behaviour as the norm, while removing all the children they want from parents across the world via the adoption agenda and all the World Health Organisation’s directives in place and ready to be fully enforced when the time is right, they will harvest their assets, we the people.


Let us begin the journey to better understand this behaviour, and those who promote it, I offer you this site.



Warning!! The information within this website is extreme and graphic. This site is for research and to understand the mind of those in control of this world and not for those below the age of 18 years.