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                The Jersey Child Abuse Scandal



Childs Remains found At Former Jersey Children’s Home :


Body parts of a child have been found at a former children's home in Jersey.

The remains were found at the Haut de la Garenne site in St Martin by a team of specialist officers.

Police have said they 'could not rule out' the possibility of discovering more bodies.

It is unclear how old the remains are but police have said they could have been there for more than five years.

It is not yet known if the skeleton is male or female but it is said not to be from an infant.

Haut de la Garenne is one of two sites which are at the centre of a States of Jersey police investigation into alleged child abuse.

The search was prompted by information received from some of the victims and witnesses who had spoken out as part of the child abuse inquiry.

Jersey's deputy chief police officer, Lenny Harper, said: 'Because of the information we received we brought the team of specialists with us to prepare for the initial screening and search.


'As a result of definitive indications from the ground penetrating radar, the archaeologist and also, perhaps most pronounced from the dog, we excavated one particular area of the house.


'We discovered what appear to be the partial remains of a child.'


The investigation into alleged abuse started in November last year and involves a number of historical allegations of sexual and physical abuse of children which is alleged to have occurred on premises run by the state or voluntary groups.


"Police say it is vital that any alleged victims still unidentified contact the Incident Room as soon as possible, on 0800 7357777."


BBC article's editor doesn't like to use the word 'abuse'? As if seventy witnesses over thirty years could be 'making it up'. Well done to the plucky St Helier cops - more power to yer elbow and I hope those responsible for this are sweating buckets. The original Community Care article citing 'institutional child abuse', in the headline, presumably a quote from the police has been censored.


Investigating Jersey's 'abuse' history

By Robert Hall - BBC News - Published : 2007/12/04 18:01:24 GMT


A police investigation in Jersey has highlighted alleged physical and sexual abuse against children dating back to the 1960s.

The current focus is a children's care home where attacks may have taken place over three decades.

On a hilltop near Jersey's east coast, the buildings are familiar as a setting for the BBC's Bergerac series.

But, after 12 months of covert investigation, detectives believe the former Haut de la Garenne care home may have had a more sinister past.

Built at the turn of the 20th Century, Haut de La Garenne served as a school and as an orphanage, before becoming part of Jersey's childcare provision.

Until its closure in the 1980s, it housed up to 60 young people with special needs.

Jersey Police, following up a series of convictions for sexual offences involving officers from the island's Sea Cadet Corps, say they began to notice links between victims in those cases, and a number of island institutions, including Haut de la Garenne.

Deputy Chief Officer Lennie Harper told me that since deciding to reveal the operation, his officers have received over 100 calls and e-mails.

From those contacts they have identified more than 70 alleged victims, and at least 20 suspects.

Faced with such a major inquiry, Jersey has requested specialist help from the UK.

In the Incident Room, one local officer, Rachel Hart told me that many callers were distraught, others angry that complaints at the time had not been heeded. 'Not dealt with'


"They find it difficult to trust us," she said, "but I make it clear to them that this time we are taking any allegations very seriously."


Lennie Harper, who recalls similar inquiries in both the UK and Northern Ireland, says he believes these alleged offences span at least three decades.

The allegations range "from pretty severe physical and mental abuse right through to the most serious sexual crimes that you can imagine", he said.

"We will of course be looking to see if there are any criminal implications into why these matters weren't dealt with, and why they weren't brought before the courts."

Police say it is vital that any alleged victims still unidentified contact the Incident Room as soon as possible, on 0800 7357777.


Full story from BBC NEWS : HERE and HERE.


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Further Study :

I have known about Jersey Paedophiles for 15 years : HERE.




Jersey Police Investigate Child Abuse Allegations


Posted: 26 November 2007

writes Derren Hayes


Jersey Police are investigating a series of allegations of historical sexual and physical abuse of children at institutions on the island, it has emerged. Their enquiries focus on Haute de la Garenne care home and the Jersey Sea Cadets and span a 40-year period dating back to the 1960s.

Police say eight people have contacted telephone help lines set up as part of the investigation, and that it has already gathered “valuable” evidence from a number of victims and witnesses. The bulk of the allegations relate to events that took place in the 1970s and 80s, occurring on premises run by the States of Jersey and voluntary groups.

A Police statement said: “The States of Jersey Police would like to make it clear that we have been assured by the chief minister that all state departments will give full co-operation to the enquiry and to date this has been the case. Full and valuable assistance has been forthcoming from the current management team of the Sea Cadets both in Jersey and the UK.”

Earlier this year, a child protection inquiry was launched in Jersey after a UK social worker blew the whistle on the “Dickensian” conditions in Greenfields secure unit. Simon Bellwood told Community Care children as young as 11 were routinely locked up for 24 hours or more in solitary confinement. It is not thought this is linked to the latest investigation.


Officers are urging abuse victims to contact its historical abuse enquiry team on 0800 7357777 - or the NSPCC on 0800 1691173. Full Story HERE.


Calls from abused reach 100

by Natalie Harrison - Published 28/11/2007 - Guernsey Press and Star

POLICE in the Channel Islands now have the names of over 100 people alleging child abuse. Full Story Here.


Jersey Police confirmed yesterday that since investigation telephone lines became operational on Thursday, 51 people had contacted them or the NSPCC from across the Bailiwick, Jersey and as far afield as Thailand and Australia.

This includes contact from individuals now living in Guernsey.

Jersey Police spokeswoman Louise Nibbs said yesterday that 32 calls had been received by the historical abuse enquiry team, while a number of people had telephoned a separate NSPCC-run line.

And the response to that defied expectations.

‘The latest update from NSPCC is that there have been 19 calls which we have yet to analyse but the society tell us that the average for a police line of this type is six calls,’ said Miss Nibbs.

Before going public with the investigation, police were already aware of 50 alleged victims of abuse, said to have occurred at a number of institutions and organisations in Jersey from as far back as the 1960s.

The spotlight has fallen in particular on the former children’s home, Haut de la Garenne, which was renamed in the 80s and eventually closed down in the early 90s.

It is thought a number of children may have been adopted and brought to Guernsey and may now be living as adults in the Bailiwick or further afield.

Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, leading the year-and-a-half-long investigation, told journalists earlier that while most of the suspected abusers were said to be male, the allegations were such that some women were also said to have been involved in committing the abuse. And on the question of whether the revelations might prompt any offenders to leave the island in fear of prosecution, Mr Harper said that would do them no good at all.

‘If they have committed these offences, they may be assured that there is a fair possibility that the States of Jersey Police will be knocking on their doors,’ he said.


* Were you a victim of abuse at Haut de la Garenne or elsewhere? Call 0800 169 1173 or, if outside the UK please dial: +44 (0)20 7825 7489.


Jersey Police probe allegations of institutional child abuse

article Source: Community Care | Date: 2007-11-26

Jersey Police probe allegations of institutional...Subscribe Online writes Derren Hayes Jersey Police are investigating a series of allegations...on Haute de la Garenne care home and the Jersey Sea Cadets and span a 40-year period dating.


Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret should be congratulated for his quest to root out poor practice in Jersey's care system (Community Care, 30 August 2007).

Twenty years ago, as a young graduate social worker, I worked at Heathfield, one of the homes recommended for closure by the 2002 Kathie Bull report.

Our team had taken on the legacy of Haut De La Garenne - a monolithic children's home staffed by caring but mainly untrained, unqualified staff. There, solitary confinement, corporal punishment and many other dubious practices were rife. On its closure, those young people deemed 'workable' were farmed out to foster carers and so-called Family Group Homes (that's another story) leaving us at Heathfield with a residue of damaged, institutionalised adolescents.

I like to think that we (staff and young people together) broke the mould. After two years, we had a small community of 'unplacable' kids who had a real investment in their home. I'm honoured still to be in contact with many of them. Some have mental health, offending, drug and alcohol issues as adults few have meaningful academic qualifications. Most, however, are leading productive lives with decent jobs. Full Story HERE.


It has been well known among indigenous islanders that the most senior politicians, most senior lawyers and police 'enjoyed' immunity from prosecution as Freemasons within the island of Jersey - the largest of the Channel Islands.

Since Freemasonry and its secret rituals took over in Jersey as the only way to secure power - the link between paedophilia and power has gone hand in hand.


Senator Wilfred Krichefski and so many senior politicians, senior law officers, senior advocates, and police within the States of Jersey police are Freemasons. Virtually all the male politicians in the States of Jersey government are Freemasons.

So many of the most senior politicians in Jersey continue to be Freemasons. It is the only way to political office in Jersey.

Jersey is one of the most corrupt democracies in the British Isles today. It is rotten to the core.


The unelected Bailiff [appointed by the Queen - as a 'puppet'] is head of the judiciary in Jersey but he also sits - most undemocratically - as the 'speaker' of the parliament and (as has been evidenced over the radio and witnessed in practice in a way of exercising blatant bias) orders elected Senators when and who can speak and who cannot speak in parliament. In the Christmas message, the unrepresentative and (to non brethren or non Freemasons) the hostile Bailiff - Sir Philip Bailhache - another senior Freemason - who does not care one jot for upholding the law when it comes to supporting his brethren Freemasons - ordered the most senior Senator - Senator Stuart Syvret - to immediately shut up or if the democratically elected Senator continued to talk in the Jersey Parliament about paedophilia, the Bailiff promised to immediately prorogue and dissolve the island's assembly with immediate effect.

A closer look at  Sir Philip Bailhache KGB who was the home in questions 'Governor' during the 1970's and 1980's HERE. Nothing like keeping it within the clique!


Ironically, those senior Senators who are Freemasons are in absolute control of the crown island of Jersey - the Crown possession - and they have agreed to introduce a totally undemocratic Goods & Sales Tax (GST) that would hit all islanders and allow the money men who launder money in the island to avoid the consequences of taxation - as they avoid the consequences of fraud and investigation when HMG defence contracts are involved with a wealthy oil producing exporting country. Once the GST is in place, the evidence indicates that the Chief Minister intends to resign and emigrate to a country with a more favourable climate, where fellow Freemasons will support his opulent style of life and where practising Freemasonry where satanic abuse and immunity from prosecution is ensured for fellow brethren of the Scottish and York rites.

140+ letters of complaint to Lenny Harper - the deputy chief of police warning him that if he continues he might have an accident and the police will not consider a charge of perverting the course of justice - look to that evil corrupt Bailiff and the evil sadists whom he protects at every turn.


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One then gets the old 'test the water scenario', as this story unfolds across the media, testing to see what kind of reaction they get from the populations :


Jersey murder inquiry 'unlikely'

The former care home has been the centre of a major police investigation

Remains of at least five children aged between four and 11 have been found in the search of a former children's home in Jersey, police have said.

However, officers told BBC Radio 4's Today there is unlikely to be a murder inquiry because an exact date cannot be put on the remains.

So far police have found 65 milk teeth and more than 100 bone fragments at the former Haut de la Garenne home.

About 100 people have alleged abuse between the early 1960s and 1986. Full Story HERE.


Then the contradictory headline to confound the populations, wearing them down so they get fed up and switch off :


Jersey murder probe not ruled out

Police have refused to rule out a murder inquiry into the deaths of at least five children whose charred remains were found at a former children's home on Jersey.

Officers said bones and teeth uncovered by detectives investigating abuse at Haut de la Garenne belonged to children aged between four and 11.

Despite difficulty in dating the remains, police chief Lenny Harper insisted a murder inquiry could be launched if further forensic tests on the unidentified young victims were more conclusive. Meanwhile, he said there were 18 key suspects in the wider abuse investigation and detectives were close to handing files on the priority suspects to island prosecutors.

To date, police have recovered a total of 65 milk teeth from the cellars at Haut de la Garenne, and experts believe they could only have come out after death because of their condition. Tests to date the remains are still ongoing, but Mr Harper said results so far were not encouraging. Early carbon dating results gave an age bracket for some of the bone fragments of 1650-1950.

"If the dating remains as inconclusive as what we have had so far, a homicide inquiry is unlikely," he said. "If the dating is more specific, a homicide inquiry is a possibility."


More than 100 human bone fragments were found at the site, with one piece identified as coming from a child's leg and another from a child's ear. Police are looking into around 97 allegations of abuse in Jersey dating back to the 1960s, and Mr Harper said a new victim had come forward in recent days to make allegations against one of the 18 priority suspects.

There is evidence that bodies were burned and buried at Haut de la Garenne, Mr Harper said, but there was still a possibility that the children died accidentally or through natural causes.


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Harper Must Go : He Is Telling The Truth


Then given Harper’s refusal to play along with the elite sick people, this happens :


Jersey police appoint new abuse inquiry chief.

A new senior officer will take over the Jersey care home sexual abuse investigation within weeks, police announced today.

David Warcup, currently deputy chief constable of Northumbria, will take command of the inquiry when the island's deputy chief officer Lenny Harper retires next month.

Warcup, who takes over as the island's deputy chief officer, will be responsible for the strategy, policy and standards of the investigation. Full Story HERE.


We Need One Of Our Own In The Hot Seat


Then we have a few revelations about David Warcup, nothing like keeping it in the Pedo-family :

See below how Mr. Warcup helped a convicted indecent assaulter back into his job as a policeman :


- Still trying to make contact with :-

Senior Northumbria Police Officer David Warcup....or his very close mate David Jewell who was recently re-instated to the Force. HERE.


Gay police officer to return to job after appeal win

From the Northern Echo, first published Thursday 22nd Feb 2001.

A GAY police officer is to return to work after his conviction for molesting a 16-year-old boy in a public toilet was overturned.

Sergeant David Jewell, 42, was arrested and charged with the sex attack on the teenager in Doncaster last year.  But the Court of Appeal has thrown out the conviction because of a flaw in the trial judge's summary of the case to the jury. Sgt Jewell, from Newcastle, has asked to be reinstated to his £28,000-a-year job because his name is now clear. At a hearing before Northumbria's Chief Constable last week, Sgt Jewell was told he would be taken back on.

A force spokesman said : "He was convicted of a serious criminal offence and dismissed accordingly. However, once the conviction was overturned it is his right to be reinstated."

Sgt Jewell, who has previously complained to police after posters accusing him of being a paedophile appeared near his home, said : "The past two years have been the most difficult of my life. This ordeal has made me stronger and more prepared for any homophobic abuse I might get. The judge said I had been ill-advised in being open with the jury about my sexuality.


"He was effectively saying that once the jury knew I was gay, it was as good as saying I was guilty."


Sgt Jewell had served on the force for 24 years and been awarded two bravery commendations.

His reputation was destroyed when he was accused of trying to molest the teenager in a shopping centre.

He denied the charge at Doncaster Crown Court, but was convicted of indecent assault and became the first Northumbria officer to be placed on the Sex Offenders' Register. Full Story HERE.


And yet more revelations of Warcup’s jolly friend :


Police sergeant is put on sex register.

From: Birmingham Evening Mail (England) | Date: February 26, 2000

A POLICE sergeant's career today lay in ruins after he was convicted of indecently assaulting a 16-year-old boy.

David Jewell, aged 41, based in Newcastle, was fined pounds 400 after a jury at Doncaster Crown Court found him guilty.

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said Jewell would now become the first officer in the force's history to be placed on the national sex offenders' register.

He said : "He has been suspended since his arrest in January HERE.




Jersey Abuse Case : 'Old Boy Network' Is Obstructing Police Investigation


By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter

Daily Telegraph, August 9, 2008


An "old boy network" of officials is deliberately obstructing police investigating decades of alleged abuse at care homes in Jersey, according to the police officer who spearheaded the inquiry. Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper angrily hit out at the figures who he says have engaged in a "day by day attack" on the inquiry team and the alleged victims of abuse at Haut de la Garenne and other island institutions.

In his most outspoken criticism of the Jersey authorities, Mr Harper told the Telegraph :


 "I can quite clearly say that the investigation is being held up. There are people on the island who just don't want us going down the route of this inquiry."


Mr Harper, who handed over the reins of the investigation to his successor on Thursday and officially leaves the Jersey force at the end of the month, also revealed fresh details of why he is so convinced that someone deliberately concealed the bones and teeth of five children, perhaps after murdering them. But he has effectively conceded defeat in the quest to discover exactly how the children died, and who might have killed them, as forensic tests have failed to establish how old the bones are.


"If the test results on the final samples are no more accurate, then the answer is that something very nasty happened in there, we don't know exactly what, and because we can't prove who or what it was there is no possibility of a successful homicide investigation,"

 he said.


Mr Harper has repeatedly said that because some of the 100 bone fragments had been cut, and because the 65 milk teeth found at the home had roots on them, meaning they did not come out naturally, children were either murdered or their bodies were illegally concealed.

But he has faced ridicule from some of the island's politicians, one of whom nicknamed him Lenny Henry, and who will, no doubt, be pleased to see the back of a policeman who has dared to break what he claims is Jersey's code of silence by digging up dark secrets from the past.


He said : "We have had problems dating the bones, but instead of people saying how unfortunate it is that the science can't be of more help to us, the politicians are saying 'this is a waste of time'. The fact that we're trying to bring people to justice for awful abuse is ignored and it's just a constant day by day attack on the inquiry and on the victims."


Police currently have 80 names of people suspected of physical and sexual abuse at Haut de la Garenne, three of whom have been charged and are awaiting trial.

More suspects would have been charged by now, said Mr Harper, if it hadn't been for delays in the island's legal system.


"We are walking through treacle at the moment," he said. "One file has been with the Attorney General's office since April 29 and it's still showing no signs of moving at the moment. It's been very frustrating.


"I don't think they are involved in child abuse, it's more like an old-boy network.


"The ordinary people of Jersey are overwhelmingly in favour of the inquiry, but how many expressions of support and sympathy for the victims have we heard from the politicians? None. They don't do sympathy for the victims."


Mr Harper, who expects the investigation to continue for another year, rubbished reports that the bones and teeth found at Haut de la Garenne could have been brought in among rubble infill during building work.


He said : "They had been taken from one part of the building to another and put on top of the hard, compact, undisturbed original floor of the cellars. They had been spread about and covered with a thin layer of topsoil. Why would someone do that unless there was a deliberate attempt to conceal them?"


Mr Harper said tests on soot found with the bones showed they had been burned in a furnace in another part of the building, while archaeological evidence suggested they had been concealed in the 1960s or 70s.


"People might say these killings must have happened in the 60s, but there may have been someone who had been working there for 30 or 40 years, who knew that something had happened, but even then it might not have been a homicide, it could have been that children died of natural causes, accidents or suicide. We just don't know."


A spokesman for the States of Jersey said ministers had made public statements of sympathy for the victims and given "unlimited resources" to the police investigation. The Attorney General's office denied there had been any deliberate delays.

William Bailhache, Jersey’s Attorney General, said :

 “It is absolutely incorrect to say that we have obstructed the administration of justice and quite improper to make such a comment.”

Full Story HERE.


End of Report





Jersey 'victims' demand answers

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Lawyers for alleged victims at the centre of an historic abuse inquiry in Jersey are demanding to know why more people have not been charged.

They say the lack of charges is "beyond devastating" for their clients.


Three people have been charged in connection with the inquiry, although more arrests have been made since the last person was charged in May.

But lawyer Philip Sinel said "known perpetrators are not being arrested, let alone prosecuted".

On Tuesday, Gordon Claude Wateridge, 77, a former warder at Haut de la Garenne, appeared at the island's magistrates' court charged with 16 counts of indecent assault and one of assault.

He was the first person to be charged in connection with Haut de la Garenne and the charges relate to alleged offences against four girls and one boy in the 1970s.

Claude Donnelly, 68 - arrested as part of a wider inquiry into child abuse - is charged with raping and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl on Jersey between 1971 and 1974.

And at the end of May, Michael Aubin, 45, was charged with sexually abusing three boys at Haut de la Garenne between 1977 and 1980. HERE.


Victims Speak :


"After having spent six months in solitary confinement, in a cell with unbreakable glass, feeling extremely vulnerable without clothes, knowing that anyone could look through the magnified peephole on the door at any time, (and they did too! cos I could hear them and saw their shadows come and go), I learnt to comply.

"There was no recreation during that time in the cell. I was locked up 24 hours a day for the whole of the six months. Yet I wasn’t a criminal. I just didn’t get on with my parents, so I took them to court for mental and physical cruelty.

"Of course, they won cos they could afford a solicitor. I couldn’t and I would proven uncontrollable and given the choice of going to live with one of my sisters who were married or to go in the home. I didn’t think it fair on my sisters cos they all had young families, so I chose the home.

"The six months in solitary was my introduction to Haut de la Garenne. The only contact I had with the outside world in that time was with a member of staff who insisted in supervising my showers and bathroom visits."




Peter Hannaford spent the first 12 years of his life at Haut de la Garenne. He told the Jersey Evening Post: "Boys and girls were abused while I was there. The abuse was anything from rape to torture; it happened every night."



"A VICTIM of the Jersey care home of horror told yesterday how she was drugged, beaten and sexually assaulted by staff as officials turned a blind eye when she begged for help.

"The mother of two – known as Pamela – was given heavy doses of Valium at Haut de la Garenne and sexually assaulted dozens of times between 1973 and 1975.

"She described how children would cower in their beds while staff held drunken parties where they would stumble into the dormitories to select 'weak' children to rape...

"She recalls there having been 'constant' building work in the cellar – where police are focusing their investigation...

"Police have been investigating the bricked-up cellar since the discovery on Saturday of a child's skull.Pamela said: 'The things that happened there are indescribable – the most cruel, sadistic and evil acts you could think of.'" Full Story HERE.





The Attack On The Senator Who Exposed The Scandal Begins :


The very principled actions of Monsieur Syvret a member of the jersey government, helped to bring the haute de Garenne issue to light. in an interview recently he reported that some people in jersey will not talk to him because they blame him for ruining the islands reputation and affecting the tourist trade!!! Obviously children’s lives are not important enough to them. Thank god for people like Monsieur Syvret. Then the media for actually doing its job a rare thing today  :

The Bailiff of Jersey has used Liberation Day to speak out against the media's coverage of the child abuse allegations. Full Story HERE.


Monsieur Syvret Hits Back :



Why Jersey Cannot Administer Justice

In the Child Abuse Disaster;

Not even faintly.

And – why the issue is even more fundamental than that. Full Story HERE.

 Monsieur Syvret's personal statement 15 January 2008 : HERE.

Monsieur Syvret's Blog : HERE.



Here we have a great report from Tony Gosling :

Here is the belated follow-up to my previous post on the administration of justice in Jersey.

It’s as well that it’s late – because I was able to read the Jersey Evening Post of today, the 7th August 2008.

Which – sorry – makes this post another long one. I know some people don’t like my lengthy ramblings – but we have to resist sound-bite culture. There is masses of short stuff out there if you prefer – even the insubstantial glossing of The Rag – if all you have time for is a couple of paragraphs.

But as a remarked in a comment – notwithstanding the fact that Jersey has a very sizable panoply of journalists – none of them – and none of the media they work for – will deliver the in-depth analysis and polemics you find on this site.

Indeed – what I’m concluding here should have been researched and published by Jersey journos a long time ago.

Remember – I’m a one-man-band churning out this stuff – It’s not like I even get paid for it – but it’s still more detailed, more accurate and more informative than that which is churned out by all of Jersey’s hacks – combined.

And – at the end of this post I’ll explain the inexplicable.

By one of those notable coincidences, The Rag features an article of great relevance to the subject I’m addressing.

Well, not the article, actually – that’s the predictable regurgitation of establishment spin and statements of the bleeding obvious.

But accompanying the article, on page 16, is a photograph.

I strongly urge readers to try and get a look at the photo if you haven’t seen it already.

Maybe there is a God?

I couldn’t have prayed for a more timely, relevant – and telling photos left.


This is what the photographs depict.

It is a ceremonial procession which is beginning outside of the Jersey parliament building.

Who knows – it could have been taken on Liberation Day this year – as we were due to process from the Royal Square where the parliament building is – down to

Liberation Square
– to mark our liberation from the forces of fascism.

Let us remember – it was on the occasion of this year’s Liberation Day, that the Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Philip Bailhache, delivered his frankly deranged attack on the investigations into the Jersey’s child abuse disaster.

But that is by-the-by.

What does the photo depict?

At the head of the procession is a court functionary carrying the ornate Royal Mace which was gifted to the Jersey robber-barons & privateers for their loyalty to the Crown during the English Civil War.

The Mace symbolises the authority of the Crown – under which Jersey’s oligarchy operates.

So in the photograph we have what is – for our times – a particularly relevant depiction of the British Crown’s authority over Jersey.

A few paces behind the Mace walks Jersey’s Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache – head of the judiciary - and, bizarrely, head of the legislature – and the man who thinks “the real scandal” of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster is not the abuse – but the “denigration of Jersey and her people.”

Walking along side Phil is the “Lieutenant Governor” – the functionary who represents the Crown in Jersey (in effect, the UK Government).

Phil is cloaked in some kind of pseudo-historical fancy-dress – funny hat – fur-trimmed red cloak, the whole bit.

The Lieutenant Governor is clothed in a yet more extreme example of that meaningless fancy-dress – so beloved by the British establishment to remind them of glory days gone by.

Mirror-shined boots, some kind of war coat, which may have been of relevance 200 years ago, a belt, so camply ostentatious it could have been designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier – as could the hat he wears – which appears to be attoped by a dead seagull.

This man is Lieutenant General Andrew Ridgway. A man who – instead of properly defending the good name of the Crown – has been implacable in his siding with the Jersey shysters.

He has repeatedly informed London that every thing in the garden is rosy – so far as public administration is concerned – notwithstanding the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

He has also – as has been reliably reported to me by several, separate sources – been doing his level-best to smear me by telling anyone who will listen that my campaign on behalf of abuse victims is just some kind of “political opportunism” and that I was merely “using the survivors for my political purposes” – his grasp of chronology clearly being so poor that he just doesn’t recollect that it was me who started campaigning for the truth to come out concerning child abuse – and that the resultant “political” row was generated and used opportunistically by his Jersey oligarchy friends to suppress the truth - and oppress me.

Strangely enough – as I sit here writing this post, the Lieutenant Governor is hosting – at Government House – a dinner party which features some UK politicians – and as guest of honour – Lenny Harper – to mark his retirement.

As though Lenny and his team had had unwavering support from these clowns.

Take it from me – the Police are under no illusions as to the cosmetic nature of such functions. Knowing Lenny, I expect he’s making all the right noises – but keeping his council – for the time being.

Keeping his powder dry.

So what, then, does the photo depict after Phil & Andy?

You couldn’t make it up.

For there – walking behind Phil & Andy – we see none other than the Deputy Bailiff, Michael Birt – and Francis Hamon, former Deputy Bailiff, and still an active judge in Jersey’s court.

The Rag has always been in the habit of using such photographs – the fancy-dress, the manufactured tradition and pomp – the invented ceremonial functions – all developed over the centuries – or in this case, the last decade - to make a vast number of Brits go weak at the knees and doff their caps.

Such awe-inspiring “grandeur” is calculated to keep the rabble in line; an objective very much supported by The Rag.

But – in yet another example of crass misjudgement – they’ve used this photograph – clearly not realising that – under the current circumstances – what it depicts is altogether unsavoury – and damning of the administration of justice in Jersey.

For what is depicted are the unhealthy mish-mash and over-laps of traditional power, symbolism, the most senior Jersey oligarchy figures – all of whom should have been held to account a long time ago – and the supportive presence of the Crown/UK government in the form of Andy Ridgway – through who’s Offices the Jersey oligarchy has – yet again – been shielded and protected from accountability – no matter that the oligarchy’s actions have been inimical to the good of 85% of Her Majesty’s subjects here in Jersey.

I guess too many society dinner parties must rot the brain.

So in what way is the presence in the photograph of Michael Birt and Frances Hamon of relevance to our discussion?

In the 1990’s, Francis Hamon was – in addition to being a judge in Jersey’s Royal Court – a member of the Board of Governors of Jersey’s leading private school, Victoria College.

During this period, repeated complaints of child abuse were made to the school’s leadership.

At one point the then headmaster asked Francis Hamon – whilst they were playing a game of squash – what he should do about the complaints of abuse. Hamon failed to advise him to go to the Police.

And out of that whole, wretched abuse episode – it was plain that several people had a powerful case against them to answer for conspiring to pervert the course of justice, misconduct in public office, and breaching the Children (Jersey) Law 1969 by failing to properly protect children for which they had responsibility.

Amongst these people were the headmaster, Jack Hydes; Frances Hamon; deputy head, John Le Breton and one Piers Baker – the man who thinks child abuse is “teachers perks”.

All four of these people should have faced trial – none of them did.

Who was the Jersey Attorney General at that time?

The person responsible for the non-prosecutions?

The person who should have – but failed to – seek the prosecutions of these individuals?

Yep – Michael Birt; now Deputy Bailiff; deputy head of the Jersey judiciary and deputy chair of the legislature.

And there he strides – in the photograph - alongside Mad Frankie Hamon – and behind Phil and Andy – all of whom walk behind the Mace which represents the Crown – which – in theory – should be protecting its subjects in Jersey by ensuring to them the safety of the rule of law and freedom from tyranny.

Phil Bailhache – failed to deal correctly with child protection issues in the past – and who has made the most gross and crass overtly political interventions against the child abuse investigation.

Andy Ridgway – who has singularly failed to properly represent the Crown – who has defended these failed Jersey grandees to the authorities in London – and who has - pro-actively - been engaging in smear campaigns against me - the only Jersey politician to have openly represented the interest of the survivors.

Mike Birt – who not only failed to prosecute all those who should have been, in connection with the child protection failures at Victoria College, but who also - in 1998 – stood up in Jersey’s Royal Court and asserted that the case against the McGuires had to be dropped because of “insufficient evidence”. I, incidentally, read that evidence last year, after it had been drawn to my attention by whistle-blowers.

Just take my word for it; the evidence was NOT “insufficient” for a prosecution to go ahead.

And it is even less “insufficient” now.

Now that Jersey’s present Attorney General has had the completed papers from the Police on the McGuires – for three months now – and still he fails to act.

The present Attorney General being one William Bailhache – brother of Bailiff, Phil.

The same William Bailhache who obstructed my old Health & Social Services Committee when it was attempting to investigate child protection failures in the wake or the Bichard report.

The very same Attorney General who has, to date, obstructed the charging of at least three other suspects in addition to the McGuire’s.

One of whom – Danny Wherry – is a member of the same gold club as Bailhache.

You think it couldn’t get any worse?

Alas, not included in the photograph – though most probably present - will have been the 12 “Jurats” – a form of lay-judges who sit in judgment on cases before the court.

These 12 ‘judges’ are elected by an electoral college of lawyers and politicians – now doesn’t that just sound like a recipe for a healthy and straight judicial system?

But that isn’t really the point.

This is.

Amongst the 12 Jurats is one John Le Breton – the former deputy head of VictoriaCollege.

Le Breton one was of the key participants in the cover-up of the child abuse; one of the people who should have been prosecuted – back in the late 1990’s – by Michael Birt.

Instead – he sits on the court benches – handing down “judgments” on lesser mortals – including – get this – former St. Helier Constable, Bob Le Brocq.

Le Brocq was the public figure who caught the flack for the presence of the paedophile Roger Holland in the parish’s honorary police force. He was arraigned before the court for this – and admonished – and consequently lost the election he was to shortly face.

I cannot say whether Le Brocq’s actions were all that they could or should have been; but what I can say – is that he was a good deal less culpable than the Bailiff, Philip Bailhache, who, when Attorney General, failed to make an attempt to get Holland thrown out of the police.

And very – very - substantially less culpable for child protection failures than one of the Jurats who sat in judgment on him – John Le Breton.

Le Breton colluded with the then headmaster of the school in attempts to cover-up the complaints of abuse – and even went so far as to, with Jack Hydes, attempt to humiliate and intimidate two of the victims into withdrawing their complaints.

Even by Jersey standards – his conduct was so appalling he had to resign in disgrace from the school. But - in typical Jersey oligarchy fashion – he was rapidly re-habilitated when the ‘electoral college’ appointed him to be a Jurat.

So there we have – illustrated by photographic evidence – published by The Rag, no less – the simply inescapable conflicts of interest, over-laps, direct involvements, professional and personal relationships, mutual intermeshing - and involvement of the Crown – all of which go further to the proof that the administration of justice apparatus in Jersey is – plainly – incompetent to deal with any matter arising from the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

So having described in detail the direct conflicts of interest which bedevil the prosecutory and judicial apparatus in Jersey – let’s recap the fundamental – rock-solid – legal principles of objectivity.

In yesterday’s post, I explained, at some length (sorry), the background information pertaining to the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, the Jersey oligarchy’s profoundly antagonistic and deeply conflicted position – and why, resultantly, the prosecutor and judicial processes of Jersey are manifestly incapable of achieving the necessary appearance of objectivity.

Yesterday I dealt with some fundamental, legal principles, and then went onto explain how the head of Jersey’s judiciary – it’s chief Judge, Sir Philip Bailhache – was deeply conflicted; I explained that no judiciary headed by this man could even remotely be regarded as appearing to be objective and impartial in any matter arising from the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

And – as I said I would – I have described above why, not only Phil, but all the rest of Jersey’s prosecutors and judicial apparatus as well, was also hopelessly conflicted.

But as I also said, there is also another - absolutely fundamental issue – which I will conclude with.

Before then, let’s recap the situation, the arguments, the facts.

As can be seen by reading my last posting, the established facts are these:

1: Jersey is having to come to terms with a child abuse disaster of world-scale. No matter what the particular facts and details of each case may be – we cannot now be but certain that something quite monstrous has gone profoundly wrong with the Jersey authorities’ attitude to vulnerable children.

2: The final exposure of a vast catalogue of abuse will, obviously, lead to both criminal and civil legal cases.

3: There is, therefore, no escaping the fact that a prosecution system and judiciary will need to be deployed to deal with all such cases.

4: Certain rock-solid, fundamental and inescapable principles of jurisprudence are established as such immovable foundations of justice as to be beyond all credible argument. For our purposes, the relevant principles are:

(a) Justice must be seen to be done. All judicial process have to avoid even the merest hint or suspicion that they may not be impartial and neutral. The administration of justice – in order to be credible – has to meet a test of the appearance of objectivity. There cannot even be the merest suspicion of conflict.


(b) No man can be a judge in his own cause. No person can sit in judgement on a case in which they feature in any way; nor can a person appoint those who will judge him; to do so would be to breach the crucial appearance of objectivity.

I did invite any lawyers who dispute my analysis to debate the issues on this blog, but none has. I guess there are some arguments so fallacious and absurd that not even lawyers could make them.

So we can safely conclude that our analysis is correct.

1: The administration of Justice Apparatus in Jersey needs to become involved in the child abuse disaster.

2: The administration of justice has to appear to be impartial; it has to avoid even the merest suspicion of being conflicted.

3: Jersey’s senior judge and head of the judiciary, Sir. Philip Bailhache is hopelessly conflicted, as detailed in Tuesday’s posting. He has made several, strident, political interventions in connection with the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, and has a personal history of not responding adequately or professionally to child protection issues.

4: As things stand, no judge can be appointed to hear cases in Jersey’s court unless the judge is appointed and/or approved by the Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache; or in his absence, the Deputy Bailiff, Michael Birt.

5: The involvement of either man in appointing judges would breach the appearance of objectivity test on the grounds that ‘no man can be a judge in his own cause’.

6: The conflicts of interest entirely engulf the rest of the Jersey prosecutors and judicial apparatus. Bailiff, Deputy Bailiff, Attorney General, Jurats – all are hopelessly conflicted.

So that much is established fact; no Jersey lawyers at all have rushed to dismiss our argument so far.

Through its own choice and insistence over the decades and centuries, the Jersey judiciary maintains an involvement in politics. There is a profoundly unhealthy over-lap between the legislature and the judiciary.

The Bailiff and Deputy Bailiff, in addition to being head and deputy head of the judiciary are also speaker and deputy speaker of the Jersey parliament.

No propositions, amendments, questions, formal statements or reports can be tabled to the legislature without first being approved by either the Bailiff of Deputy Bailiff.

Both men routinely exhibit dramatic political bias in exercising these bizarre powers.

I personally – as have a number of other non-establishment members – have had propositions, amendments, questions and reports interfered with and obstructed on a regular basis.

The deep politicisation of both men is very much evident in such examples of pro-oligarchy bias and the obstructions placed in the way of anti-establishment States members.

The Bailiff, or in his absence, the Deputy Bailiff, acts as the civic head of the island; the God knows on what authority.

In this capacity, the Bailiff has routinely made political speeches and given addresses in which he purports to speak for the community of Jersey. When doing so he has adopted the cloak of de facto prime ministers – making political pronouncements as would the prime minister in the UK.

In making such speeches, the Bailiff has repeatedly attempted to defend the status quo of Jersey’s position; to defend the oligarchy and to – as he would no doubt presume it – to speak on behalf of the community.

In acting in this way he has routinely – as is a matter of public record – made it crystal-clear that he is joining in with, and supporting the actual political establishment of the island in all their various efforts to show a veneer of respectability to the outside world.

So here’s the rub.

As a judge - let alone as actual head of the judiciary – the fortunes and appearances of the island’s governmental authorities ought to be a matter of total disinterest to him.

No respectable judge can do their work if they carry in their minds the constant consideration :


“How will the implications of this judicial matter look politically; how might it affect the executive. I don’t want to see any damage or harm come to the cause, standing or reputation of the government.”

Yet that is precisely what we have from Phil Bailhache.

And this state of affairs is doubly problematic for him and the judiciary which he leads.

Firstly, in the case of Phil Bailhache – we do not even need to speculate on his political views, allegiances or priorities.

He, himself has overtly, prominently and publicly displayed just such political partisanship.

So in his case – it isn’t even merely a case of “suspicion” of conflict. It’s out on the table – for the world to see.

Secondly, even if he hadn’t bee so incautiously overt in his political activities – the mere fact that he regards himself as the ‘civic’ leader of Jersey – and thus has an unambiguous stake in the appearance and reputation of the island and its establishment – means that he cannot escape the suspicion that he may be biased.

Which returns us to the established point that no respectable judicial process can, for one instant, be associated with even the merest whiff of suspicion.

The test is that judicial processes must achieve the appearance of objectivity.

Neither of the present incumbents as Bailiff and Deputy Bailiff - nor indeed, those roles as presently defined, can get remotely close to meeting that test.

To elaborate on the principles at play here; in respectable, functioning democracies – it has been accepted – for a very long time – that their needed to be a clear separation between legislature – the realm of politics – and the judiciary – the realm of law.

Such a ‘separation of powers’ has long been regarded as necessary in order to achieve what are termed effective ‘checks and balances’. This needs to so in order to ensure that neither realm – the political or the legal – can indulge in untrammelled power; that each be subject to checks and restraints by the other.

The political sphere makes the laws to which the courts must work within, and adjudicate upon. The courts then administer justice impartially – free of political considerations.

For this arrangement – which underpins power in all established, respectable democracies – to work – the courts must be free of any political taint.

Not least, because – and this is a very relevant point to the Jersey situation – it is often governments which break the law. Public authorities; different sections of public administration are subject to the rule of law – every bit as much as you or I.

Therefore, the courts; the judiciary, will often be called upon to hear cases and adjudicate upon both criminal and civil actions against the government or one of its departments.

But this arrangement cannot possibly work if judges carry with them the concern - “how will this look for the government?” If they did – the effectiveness of the rule of law collapses – instantly.

Judges, and the courts over which they preside, must – I repeat, must – set aside, and not allow, contamination by political, personal or philosophical considerations.

The whole modus operandi of judicial proceedings is that they apply objectively the laws of the day, admit only evidenced facts to enter the equation – and that they then come to impartial and objective decisions based upon the relevant laws and the merits or otherwise of that particular case.

Judges and their courts will often be called upon to adjudicate over some action or omission of the government. And the factual, evidenced, lawful conclusions of such cases may well be profoundly embarrassing and extremely detrimental to the government.

And that is just - “tough”.

The law - is the law- is the law.

And if a government has broken a law – it must be held to account by the courts – quite regardless of whether the judgment is “politically” damaging for the government.

Having laid out those facts – we are forced to accept that there is only one credible conclusion we can arrive at in our consideration of the competence of the judicial apparatus of Jersey to deal with the child abuse disaster.

And that conclusion is that it cannot be remotely regarded as competent as presently structured.

Both structurally – and in terms of the political actions of certain of its senior members – its contaminating entwinement with the political sphere in Jersey forms an insurmountable obstacle to the good administration of justice.

In fact – this conclusion is so inescapable that we have to question the calibre and competence of senior figures in the Jersey prosecutory and judicial apparatus when they continue to refuse to face that fact.

Even if all of the individuals I cite above were – by some superhuman and Christ-like ability – to set aside their personal views, their prior involvements and their political considerations; even if I was to concede that such a fantastical notion could be exercised by these individuals – it would still make no difference.

It would make no difference – whatsoever – to the fact that they would continue to APPEAR to be conflicted.

And it is that mere suspicion - that mere hint of conflict – which renders them and the entire Jersey judicial apparatus incompetent to deal with any issues – criminal or civil – arising from the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

I said earlier that there was a fundamental issue with which I would conclude; by which I would attempt to explain the inexplicable.

So, here goes.

Given that it is - very – very – obvious that the Jersey prosecutory and judicial apparatus is hopelessly conflicted in any matter relating to the child abuse disaster; given that there are absolutely mountains of rock-solid jurisprudence – unassailable authorities – which make our case – which seal our conclusions - we have to ask a question?

Why should the Jersey judicial apparatus be placing itself in diametric opposition to all established authority and case-law?

The reason is this.

They all know that if they conceded the fact – for it is a fact – that Jersey’s prosecutory system and judicial apparatus is disastrously conflicted – and therefore incompetent to deal with these cases – then we head - very rapidly – to an unavoidable conclusion.

The legal principles, the jurisprudence, the case-law and human rights – all draw Jersey implacably to an inevitable conclusion.

Which is that - because of its tiny size, because of inevitable conflicts of interest – because of that fundamental principle that justice must be seen to be done – because no suspicion of bias can be permitted in judicial processes – Jersey is not capable of the proper administration of justice under the present constitutional arrangements.

Not just in respect of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster – but in practically every single criminal or civil case of any significance.

If the Jersey oligarchy were to concede the fact of their conflictedness – to admit that they cannot meet the test of the appearance of objectivity in the present crises – then – inevitably – they also concede that such a small place as Jersey cannot properly administer justice at all – without dramatically greater external involvement and oversight.

This is why the Jersey oligarchy – finally – finds itself making a last stand. And doing so – in futility - against the entire canon of established jurisprudence and authority.

They know – we know – they know we know – we know they know we know – that a final, implacable end has been reached.

That whilst Jersey can – and should – remain self-governing insofar as the political sphere is concerned – in the case of the competent administration of justice – we must now embrace external and independent judicial processes.

Justice must not only be done – it must be seen to be done.

Not even the merest suspicion of partiality or conflict can be associated with any respectable, functioning judicial processes.

Jersey is, therefore, simply incapable of meeting that basic standard.

And to those who condemn me for committing such heresy – recognise that the fundamental legal principles I describe are not some fanatical product of mine; they are the sound and wise product of centuries of justice.

If Jersey is to stand as a respectable, self-governing jurisdiction into the future – we simply have no choice other than to accept that what passes for the administration of justice at present in the island – just does not meet the requisite standard.

Indeed – probably hasn’t done for at least 100 years.

I do not advocate full independence for the island. Personally, I want to retain my British citizenship.

Nor do advocate becoming a part of the United Kingdom – I value Jersey’s historical independence. But this is now the 21st century.

The good administration of justice cannot be delivered internally – in a community of 90,000. Structurally – it simply isn’t possible. The conflicts are simply inescapable.

I, along with John Hemming MP, am shortly to embark upon a legal action in London against Jack Straw MP – the relevant UK Government Minister.

Our case is simple :

Britain – historically, constitutionally and under modern Convention obligations – has ultimate responsibility for the good administration of justice in Jersey.

Britain does have the power to intervene – something unarguably established by robust precedent.

Britain should intervene - under the present circumstances – which involve a clear breakdown in the ability of the Jersey prosecutory and judicial apparatus to meet the test of the appearance of objectivity.

Britain’s ability to exercise such power is through Jack Straw and the Privy Council.

Britain’s failure to intervene - on behalf of a very substantial number of abuse victims, and the good administration of justice generally – should be subjected to Judicial Review.

That – in essence – is the case we will be making.

Personally – I’m confident we will win; that we will secure a Judicial Review of the situation.

But – I really wish none of the above was necessary.

I just wish our oligarchs possessed the wisdom to – finally - face the inevitable.


Another link in the sordid chain surfaces :

Paedophile was Santa at Jersey kids' home

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Notorious Jersey paedophile Edward Paisnel used to visit Haut de la Garenne dressed as Father Christmas to give the children toys and sweets, it emerged today.

Paisnel, dubbed the Beast of Jersey, was jailed for 30 years in 1971 after being convicted of 13 counts of assault, rape and sodomy.

He lived in St Martin, close to Haut de la Garenne and after the trial his wife Joan wrote a book claiming Paisnel used to visit the care home to take gifts to the children, who he asked to call him "Uncle Ted".

Court reports from the time revealed that Paisnel avoided capture despite committing his crimes over ten years because he was a respected businessman, husband, and guardian of several foster children.

Mrs Paisnel said every year "Uncle Ted" faithfully appeared at Haut de la Garenne dressed as Father Christmas, to hand out sweets and toys.

During his trial it was revealed he would prowl for his victims wearing a jacket studded with nails at the shoulders and on the lapels and a rubber mask.

Behind a cupboard in his home, police found the entrance to a windowless room containing books on black magic and witchcraft and an altar draped with black velvet.

Paisnel also believed he was a descendant of Gilles de Rais, who was hanged in 1440 after admitting that he had murdered 200 children who he lured to his castle in France. Full Story.


And more :

The Beast Of Jersey - by his wife Joan Paisnel (NEL, Sept. 1973: originally Robert Hale, 1972)

Three chapters in, and ... how the Jersey Tourist board must've loved this one. The island is depicted as a hot-bed of black and white magic, wife-swapping, interbreeding, organised crime and God knows what else, and one man who certainly had a dabble in most of these dubious past-times was Ted Paisnel. A kindly natured fellow to his family (although he and his second wife lived in different parts of his huge premises), Paisnel spent eleven years terrorising the island to the point where women and children feared to wander alone. Dressed in a grotesque outfit - mask, wig, nailed wristbands and a weirdly decorated coat, this brutal man was eventually convicted of thirteen offences against children in 1971.


The story begins with his chance capture after an exciting nocturnal car chase and the search of his rooms which revealed a concealed altar. We've also had a snoop at his paperback collection which includes occult works by Eric Maple, Wheatley's "The Devil Rides Out" and "To The Devil - A Daughter" and H. T. F. Rhodes' heart-warming "The Satanic Mass". Ted also claims to have had a horror story published in Argosy, though his wife reckons he made that up. We've also had a couple of references to Steve McQueen in Bullit and James Bond. Mrs. Paisnel sounds quite cheerful so far, all things considered, but I guess that will change over the next hundred pages.
























The care home is now a Youth Hostel


Lennie Harper in front of the home