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Stella Rimington: the 'unofficial' biography.


(By an ex-spook who worked for both MI5 and MI6 between 1979-2003.)


India : Rimington was recruited by MI5 as a colonial wife. After mind control programming, she went completely crazy. Rimington was given a cocktail of prescriptive drugs by the resident doctor at the High Commission, in order to keep a lid on her 'hallucinatory delusions'.

Later in life, Rimington was to keep a supply of Seconal in her handbag, to counter the psychotic episodes brought on by her increasing dependence upon cocaine. In short, she began to 'self-medicate'.

London - MI5 HQ: The early days. Rimington was hired as a secretary, even though she couldn't type. Her main job was to attend discreet parties and seduce various influential male figures.

Rimington began to drink too much in order to cope with this life of prostitution, whilst maintaining the semblance of a wife and mother of two young girls. To remedy this, she became bulimic, making herself throw up after the parties in order to get rid of the excess alcohol and to maintain her figure.

When Rimington had finally learnt how to type and was useful in the office, her boss (later to become Director-General of MI5) had a curious peccadillo: he requested that she type in the nude. Rimington often complained that she had to keep a bar-fire on during the winter months. Apart from that, her boss allegedly, never touched her. A voyeur, primarily and a family man.


Middle-aged and in Middle-Management

Rimington was chosen to be trained up by MI6 as an agent-runner. She was taught how to use and abuse new recruits by the implementation of the MI6 mind control programme: 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Not content with being 'privileged' to know the secrets of this MI6 mind control programme, Rimington decided to use one of her own agents (in 1989) to steal the MI6 mind control code book. With this knowledge (which included her own codes) she managed to not only break out of the system but also to potentially control it from the outside.



This was easy in view of the above. Rimington had become a megalomaniac and control freak. She wasn't particularly intelligent but what she knew, she could put to good use, in terms of her own career. She acted in a Machiavellian way, using realpolitik to get rid of her rivals in the Service and was soon on the way to the top...


Director-General of MI5

Once in charge of MI5, those near VauxhallBridge had very good reason to be afraid. Rimington began to 'knock off' MI6 agents abroad, for a variety of ill-defined reasons. A flippant remark at a social gathering could ensure an officer or agent's early retirement, sacking or 'disappearance'.

Rimington had become a full-blown psychotic at this point and her downfall came when she ordered the 'crash' of a military helicopter containing MI6 and MI5 Northern Ireland officers, over the Mull of Kintyre.

MI6 finally got wind of what she was up to and devised a 'sting' operation.

It was successful.

Rimington retired, somewhat ungracefully, in 1996.



Rimington continued to use the 'Alice in Wonderland' mind control programme outside of the auspices of British Intelligence Security Services. She collaborated with former officers, agents and the SAS. She has been involved in child-trafficking and the prostitution trade, ever since.



Rimington is an S/M lesbian who is well-known on the London club circuit.

She has published two novels (ghost-written by her editor) and a 'book of lies' i.e. her autobiography.

She once attacked a waitress with a fork in a Soho restaurant during one of her psychotic episodes.

Her favourite pop song is 'Super Trouper' - the only one she will dance to at Lesbian clubs.


She sacked Andrew Marr from the general INSET graduate trainee course (1980) because he dared to ask her 'girlfriend' (new recruit on course) to dance. Marr never graduated to become an officer like his comrade-in-arms, Richard Tomlinson. He has been used and run as an MI5 agent, ever since.



                                        OSCAR HUMPHREY BOHUN GYDE



Full name : Oscar Humphrey Bohun Gyde

Date of Birth : 14th July 1936

Occupation : retired Consultant Haematologist

Religion : Royal Arch Freemasonry

Interests : computing and Artificial Intelligence



Dr O H B Gyde received an ‘A’ merit award upon his retirement.


Read the British Medical Journal to find out what these ‘Merit Awards’ are supposed to be awarded for:


Dr O H B Gyde did not receive this award for services rendered to the NHS, he received this award for services rendered to the Crown – specifically British Intelligence.

Read the BBC’s article to find accusations of ‘cronyism’ and corruption within the system:


The question is: why was Dr O H B Gyde given such an honourable discharge?


He had not discovered or invented anything new, nor had he added to the body of knowledge in his specialized area: Leukaemia.

Dr O H B Gyde is a fully paid-up member of British Intelligence and comes from a British Intelligence family. He also recruited his children into the Intelligence Services.

After being given an ‘A’ merit award, Dr O H B Gyde received an extra 40,000 pounds p.a. which was added on to his already substantial pension, upon retirement.


Dr O H B Gyde taught modules to medical students at a university in Libya whilst he was a Fellow of Birmingham University. During this time he was also acting as a ‘courier’ for MI6.

He also negotiated ‘mind control’ programs with notaries from Mormon Universities in Utah, for MI5.

Artificial Intelligence is Dr O H B Gyde’s specialist interest and the ‘re-wiring of human brains’ as he once put it.

To be specific, the repulsive practice of mind-splitting, left/right brain programming and the compartmentalization of the human brain.

In short, the reduction of human beings into robots or automatons under mind control, rather than the evolution of human psychology in terms of philosophy, science, arts and culture.


Why did Dr Gyde believe that this insane and degenerate practice of mind control was a valuable area of research?

He was a victim of it himself. NHS colleagues outside of British Intelligence, have informally diagnosed him with ‘High-Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome’ but he has never had treatment or therapy for this condition and it therefore remains officially, undiagnosed.

Dr Gyde’s family belonged to Royal Arch Freemasonry and a Royal Nazi cult which has controlled MI6, since its inception as a military intelligence department in the early 20th century.

The mind control program that Dr Gyde was primarily involved with, was the Illuminati program, otherwise known as ‘Project Monarch’.


The existence of this mind control project has been admitted to by the US government in US lawcourts where damages were subsequently paid to the victims of Monarch experiments. British Intelligence has never admitted to its role in this program and refuses to do so. One can only guess that the cost of lawsuits against them, would be too high.


British Illuminati (or ‘intelligence’) families recruit and program their own children from birth. Here is a brief list of what Dr Gyde and his associates in the NHS did to their own children and others :


The sadistic practice of the ‘Potter’s Wheel’ i.e. the physical and psychological abuse of babies and young children to make them disassociate and ‘mind-split’ – usually done by electric shock.

The sexual abuse and rape of young children by the Illuminati family and other cult members.

The Masonic rites and rituals involving the worship of Lucifer the Light-Bringer.

The use and abuse of NHS facilities to experiment with blood and DNA.

The targeting of babies in the womb, chosen for the ‘X’ factor and subsequent experimentation before and after they are born, unbeknownst to their parents.


To conclude :


Dr O H B Gyde is a paedophile, a rapist and abuser of both women and children under mind control. He is also a victim of the system which he has continued to perpetuate and perpetrate for his entire career. A system of mind control which is run by British Intelligence and sanctioned by Royal Arch Freemasonry.





                                                    STEPHEN DALDRY


At sixteen years old, Stephen Daldry was an odd teenager. He was what his teachers described as 'backward but well-meaning' and a 'very polite young man'. Daldry's father had died a year earlier of stomach cancer. He would not see a doctor during this period, nor would he take pain-killers. He died an agonising death although when questioned at the time, Daldry didn't seem to appear bothered about his father's tortuous demise. Odd for a middle-class member of the banking milieu, not to want to see a doctor. It raises a question mark as to why...


Stephen Daldry's odd behaviour (to be described later on) after his father's death was explained in terms of 'delayed shock'. However, Daldry had been 'odd' before that. His major recreational activity was 'baby-sitting' in the evenings, whilst his peer group played sport, went to pubs, concerts etc.

At sixteen years old, Daldry was to talk his way onto a national school trip up the Norwegian fjords, on the SS Uganda, in 1975. He had already left school and was therefore not eligible to apply (only for 10-15 year olds who were still at school). However, his school relented and Daldry was allowed on board. Most of the children thought that he must be a teacher. At nearly 6 foot tall and with a military 'upper-class' accent, he certainly struck most of them as being one of the teachers. However, his 'best friend' on the trip was a 13 year-old boy from his school, who was rather short for his age and the two of them used to race around the decks as if they were much younger than either of their two ages.


Stephen Daldry raped a 12 year-old girl whilst on this trip. Her schoolmates found out (they were aware that he had been following her around) when she began to have violent nightmares, re-living the rape. She was too terrorised to talk about it at first but eventually admitted to having been raped, mainly because she would wake up screaming his name and shouting at 'Stephen' to get off her, pleading that 'it' hurt so much.

Daldry pleaded complete innocence and his teachers backed him up. However, the crew had evidence as to where he had been that evening and the Captain who subsequently interviewed Daldry, was quite sure of his guilt. He duly informed Daldry's school despite protests from his teachers. The teachers justified Daldry's behaviour on the grounds that he was still disturbed after his father's death, the year before. The girl's parents did not press charges in the end because they were too worried about the effect on their daughter in terms of the horrors of a rape case i.e. that their daughter would have to face Daldry in court and be subjected to cross-questioning. This was 1975.

Agents have supplied some interesting information about what subsequently happened. In 1989, the SS Uganda's naval records disappeared for the year 1975. Why? The MI5 agent who stole them says that Stella Rimington (who had become a good friend of Daldry's after the INSET course) decided that the Press were getting too interested in Daldry's private life and were about to expose him for paedophilia. Therefore, any hard evidence had to disappear.


Manningham-Buller was to tell an agent that the Captain involved had 'died young' and apparently of a heart attack in his forties, although he had had no history of heart disease before that and had been a fit and healthy man. She was basically 'warning' the agent to keep quiet.

Stephen Daldry is known by his friends in British theatre to be absolutely open about his predilection for paedophilia. In 1995, one of his Royal Court Theatre directors, had to bring in his young son to work (unable to find a child-minder) and had left the child in the office that he shared with Daldry. When he returned, he found to his horror, that Daldry was sexually molesting his child. Unable to launch a complaint against his boss because he feared losing his job, the director in question, then discreetly began to circulate the information amongst other parents.

As far British Intelligence was concerned, Daldry was and is a valuable asset to them, as an agent in the arts/media world. He was allowed free rein to do his most 'terrible desires' because this meant that he could easily be blackmailed into any 'black ops' i.e. that he would follow any orders unquestioningly, no matter how terrible they were. Those who ran Daldry, therefore turned a blind eye to his paedophilia.


In short, if MI5 or MI6 think that the pay-off is worth it, they tend to keep animals like Daldry on a leash i.e. 'feeding' them once in a while and then sending them out to do another 'job'.


There are pages and pages that could be written about this man and what he has done but the details are simply too sickening and far worse than what has been written here. Suffice to say that British Intelligence agents have given accounts where they were punished for disobeying orders, by having to watch Daldry rape small boys - some as young as 3/4 years old but there are other things that have been reported, which are simply too obscene to mention here.

As far as 'black ops' are concerned, Daldry's most infamous moment came in 1994: when MI5 decided to use Daldry's helicopter pilot skills to their benefit. He was the agent who was to tie oily rags around the mechanics of a Chinook military helicopter in order to make it crash and it did, over the Mull of Kintyre - killing 25 'Intelligence' personnel and 4 crew members.


MI6 had originally blamed the Americans on this one, who are still very angry about the whole thing. MI6 then found out who was really guilty and used it to their advantage, in terms of getting Stella Rimington out of office.



                                             ROYAL GENOME PROJECT


The Royal Genome project


In brief, Vladimir Putin had been chosen as a DNA sperm donor within this Royal 'zygote' project and had then been ordered by the Masonic body to copulate with various British female agents, whilst in Berlin. The zygotes were then 'collected' and the young woman involved, was subsequently murdered. Stephen Daldry had organised various victims to be sent to Berlin for exactly this purpose. He has also boasted of listening to them (bugged rooms) being murdered, during this period. Cameras were also placed in the TV sets for the Royal Arch Freemasons to view afterwards - in essence, 'snuff movies'.



                                           MI5 AND THE KINCORA BOYS


The following is an extract from an article in Wakeup Magazine (full article at jackgrantham)

"For years, MI5 had been aware of a homosexual vice ring operating within the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast, which was run by William McGrath, a notorious homosexual and leader of a strongly anti-Communist paramilitary organisation called Tara.

"McGrath was also a member of the Orange Order and of Ian Paisley's Free Presbyterian Church and was employed by MI5 since the mid 1960s.

"Amongst various other Loyalist members of the homosexual ring were John McKeague, who ran the Loyalist paramilitary organisation, the Red Hand Commandos, which was involved in many sectarian killings.

"When Loyalists threatened the Ulster Workers Council strike as a means of bringing down the power-sharing executive (the alliance of moderate Protestants and Catholic created by the Heath Government), Colin Wallace was instructed to leak intelligence reports on Kincora (as part of a project code-named Clockwork Orange 2) to put pressure on key people who MI5 believed had influence over the Loyalists.

"However, after a short time Wallace was told to stop 'because London had a change of mind and wanted the Ulster Workers Council Strike to succeed. I later discovered that this new strategy was part of the overall policy to discredit Harold Wilson in that the Sunningdale Agreement was a Conservative initiative and was now being seen to fail under Labour.'

"MI5 agent James Miller had infiltrated the UDA in the early 1970s, becoming one of its leading intelligence officers. He later revealed that senior MI5 officers had ordered him in early 1974 to 'get UDA men at grass roots level to start pushing for a strike. So I did.'

"So, MI5 allowed the ill-treatment and sexual abuse of residents at the Kincora Boys Home to continue; the Loyalist strike was allowed to proceed and there was a complete breakdown of law and order. The province was virtually taken over by Loyalist paramilitary organisations.

"Two days into the strike, Loyalist paramilitaries exploded car bombs in Dublin and Monaghan, killing thirty three civilians.

"The Loyalists responsible were members of the outlawed Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), some of whom were acting as undercover agents for Military Intelligence. The explosives, training and planning for the mission were given by the SAS. Key suspects known to the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) were never questioned about the massacre."


















                                   MI5 NORTH WALES PAEDOPHILE RING


Scallywag Magazine alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to the North Wales homes, give them boys to "play" with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence.
Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring 'have met suspicious deaths'.









Stella Rimington

Stephen Daldry


Vladimir Putin